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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Jun 16, 2008 18:49 Flag

    Summer Transfers start!

    Just goes to show how many friends I have!

    Nothing like a bit of French running through the team. Especially when the Germans are on the horizon.......

    May as well chat to you Davey,

    What you think of your openers and closers?


    16 Man Utd (A)

    23 Bolton (H)

    30 Arsenal (A)


    13 Hull (H)

    and you close with


    2 Liverpool (A)

    9 Middlesbrough (H)

    16 Fulham (H)

    24 Aston Villa (A)

    Boro have


    16 Tottenham (H)

    23 Liverpool (A)

    30 Stoke (H)


    13 Portsmouth (A)

    and finish with


    2 Man Utd (H)

    9 Newcastle (A)

    16 Aston Villa (H)

    24 West Ham (A)

    Think we have the slightly easier opening four games but you the final run in.

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    • First things first..........C.J., I`m better than Rochenbach. Now then an honest answer for you Doug..............At this moment in time it looks like we`re in another fine mess up here at "Faulty Towers" If we`re to believe half of what we`re getting from the rumour mill.Ashley is refusing to incur any debt and apparently insisting that NUFC must operate profitably.It seems the days of "speculate to accumulate" are over.........not suprisingly as previously there has been an awful lot of speculation and not much accumulation (especially in the trophy dept. ) There are already rumours up here that Keegan is unhappy with the way he is being asked to operate I`ve even been told by a supposed insider that Ashley is lining up Slaven Bilic to take over !?!?!?! But what the f*ck Dougy, it`s the closed season,speculation is rife as usual.......Never a dull moment me auld pal.In answer to your question Newcastle will undoubtedly be top of the heap after 3 games,we`ll catch Manure on the hop, stuff Bolton and moyda the #$%$ ! It`s a piece of p1ss.............In truth I believe our season will be mediocre at best and yes I take your point we could be involved in a relegation battle after our first 3 games..........Should I sing you a couple of verses of Happy Days Are Here Again before I go ?