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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Jul 4, 2008 20:53 Flag

    Geordie drug addicts given NUFC tickets 'to help them recover'

    Is this so the barcodes can keep banging on about their high attendance figures ?


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    • ?? I think you’ve lost it Jabbs, you're even more paranoid than I thought.

      How is it I am stalking you when its YOU that keeps posting on our board?

      Multiple ID's is another one of your sad traits, not mine.
      If you want to know who comes on the Newcastle board attacking you and the decent NUFC fans then I sincerely wish you luck ….. You have stirred so much on other team’s boards it will be like looking for a needle on a haystack.

    • Double up as a Chelsea fan under another alias do we CJ? Hehehehe

      Would you like to stop stalking me now, not to mention stop aiming your posts of hatred toward me in particular?

      Oh by the way, it's easy to get good ratings for your messages on the NUFC board when you have numerous ID's and keep logging in to vote for your own messages under them, like I know you do!

      Now when you've picked your chin up off the ground, do yourself a favour and not reply to me, you've been sussed out on more than one occasion.

      ;o) Cheers kidda.

    • Pardon me for not being on here 24/7 just to answer you Doug!

      Am I forgiven for having a life that doesn't revolve around these message boards like you and a few of your online buddys? lol

    • Way to go CJ ... well said!! It would be really good to see proper discussion about possible transfers, speculation about possible winners of the various competitions and post match analysis instead of the purile #$%$ of which you speak from so called supporters of the bar codes.

    • Thanks for the good luck wishes Jabba, good luck to yourselves too, don’t worry too much, I am sure you wont be playing Doncaster again this season ; )
      See – that was banter and not sticking a knife in.

      Sticking a knife in would be the following quote from your good self, that you posted on OUR message boards;

      “Most of the blokes down there would rather be smackheads who rob old people for drug money, than be decent footy fans.
      #$%$ town, #$%$ area, #$%$ stadium, #$%$ club & #$%$ fans! Boro are #$%$!”

      It’s not funny and totally “un-banter like” by anyone’s standards, but it is totally in keeping with your usual Boro hating posts. Actually I have heard far worse from you in the past regarding children & such.
      You make no effort to start a football debate with your posts on here, you just attack all and sundry with your narrow minded drivel. Then accuse us of coming on your board, hurling abuse!!….er…the words pot & kettle spring to mind.
      There have had plenty of supporters from other clubs on your board sticking the boot in, especially last season when you lost several games after Keegan returned…probably because you get a kick out of stirring up bad feelings on their message boards, and rather than join in I have actually defended you lot.
      Some of my closest friends are Geordies, in fact the last few times I posted on the NUFC board I actually wished your club good luck for the coming season and I still do. Your fellow supporters had no problems with me posting there and gave my posts good ratings, so if its not hatred, is it a jealousy thing with you Jabs?

      I would love to see all the North East clubs…and Boro…do well because it’s about time our teams started winning and making us proud……Now, I don’t expect the same kind of mentality from you sunshine but at least lighten up a bit eh? All this nastiness can’t be doing you much good at the end of the day…especially as you always come off worse and you “bite” like a piranha with a gob full of chewing gum....in fact ....I can feel you nibbling already.

    • Only 2 weeks to come up with that Jabber? You been on the nintendo brain train?

    • You guys (like CJ) have some severe problems if you're seriously thinking I'm angry with you silly smoggies, I'll let you into a secret, it's anything but that! Although I do find you all a source of amusement! (squeaky voices and hilarious accent)

      I just find it slightly funny that people coming from a place a million times worse than Newcastle upon Tyne could ever be, are always so keen and eager to stick a knife into the Geordies.

      Face it, it's like I've said before, if anyone mentions the north-east of england, the first places that come to people's mind and always get mentioned are Newcastle and Sunderland NOT Middlesbrough!

      Get over it, I know I would if I was living in Spain & didn't really give a monkeys about Geordies like some of you make out! ;o)

      Oh come on CJ! less of the typos "dig" over "TAN" I'm sure if I wasted enough of my time & efforts on here, I could provide a link to the countless errors you have made yourself "bud".

      Enjoy the upcoming season smogs, and good luck.


      "Easy" (like Boro girls) ;o)

    • OOoooooo Jabba's getting all riled look...check out his rage filled post on the no fans thread.
      Hey Jabs its "bud" here.....I will just call you EASY....when you have wiped the angry spittle off your monitor, ask MB for some banter lessons...his posts are humorous without resorting to angry bigotry.
      I hope you can one day conquer the obvious hatred that burns inside you..for example your quote "make yourself look worse TAN me"....I mean really...just because I live in Spain and have a suntan...there’s no need to be so bitter about it....I will ask the Newcastle zoo keepers to lace your next banana with tranquilizers.
      Laters.... Easy.

    • Amusing Boro CJ, but you're digging a hole for your own club there then!

      I don't know what Boro's excuse is for not having a full stadium is then? Especially since Boro is completely full of smackheads, the area has a worse drug problem than Newcastle ever could!

      Perhaps Gibbo should take a leaf out of the Geordies books and offer the same sort of charity towards the less fortunate? Whether or not he could cram everyone from Boro into the Riverside is another matter?

      You'd have to be out of your brain on something to go to Teesside letalone watch Boro play football anyway!

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      • Another pearl of knowledge from the mouth of Jabba, with his usual blend of bigotry & ignorance, his narrow minded stereo typing of 135,000 people just reconfirms his status as the missing link of the North East....even worse still is his self delusional belief that he is in some way educated...a dangerous combination for one so inadequate in the brain cell department.
        Jabba.... me & Muscle Box were having some good humored banter here, please lumber back to your own board like a good chimp...here Jabs…chase the banana.

    • This scheme was introduced after Joey Barton was signed by Newcastle.
      The drug addicts would be taken to the match and their probation officer would point to JB and say "Look that's how you'll end up if you don't sort yerself out"!

      CJ: That's you on the right with the bow and arrow isn't it?

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