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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Jul 8, 2008 21:21 Flag

    Geordie drug addicts given NUFC tickets 'to help them recover'

    You never know...his stint inside may change him for the better.

    Muscle box: The picture on the right is Bob Monkhouse. Perhaps you should tell your mam to label your feet left & right...or is it the drugs that get you so easily confused ?

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    • That reminds me of an old story CJ........

      Once upon a time, a Smoggie arrived home from his first day at work at one of Middlesboro's excrement recycling plants. His wife asked him"how did it go love?"
      Smoggie said "Great - and we've got a really clever foreman. My feet were sore and I told him. He said it was beacuse aah had me wellies on the wrong feet and got me to change them over. Then he painted 'L' on the left and 'R' on the right - so I'll know which foot to put them on when I get out of bed the morra".
      Smogwife replied "They must be doing that with everything, I got a pair of knickers today with C&A on them".