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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Jul 13, 2008 04:14 Flag

    Geordie drug addicts given NUFC tickets 'to help them recover'

    Amusing Boro CJ, but you're digging a hole for your own club there then!

    I don't know what Boro's excuse is for not having a full stadium is then? Especially since Boro is completely full of smackheads, the area has a worse drug problem than Newcastle ever could!

    Perhaps Gibbo should take a leaf out of the Geordies books and offer the same sort of charity towards the less fortunate? Whether or not he could cram everyone from Boro into the Riverside is another matter?

    You'd have to be out of your brain on something to go to Teesside letalone watch Boro play football anyway!

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    • Another pearl of knowledge from the mouth of Jabba, with his usual blend of bigotry & ignorance, his narrow minded stereo typing of 135,000 people just reconfirms his status as the missing link of the North East....even worse still is his self delusional belief that he is in some way educated...a dangerous combination for one so inadequate in the brain cell department.
      Jabba.... me & Muscle Box were having some good humored banter here, please lumber back to your own board like a good chimp...here Jabs…chase the banana.

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      • I will quite happily stay on my own board, if you stay on yours CJ & since we both know you're totally incapable of that, I'll keep coming back here, thank you very much!

        Good to see you haven't changed, you're good at dishing out the anti-NUFC stuff but #$%$ when it comes to getting some "banter" (as you call it) back about Boro, well? I'm right! You can't take it, can you?

        NUFC must really get under your skin, because you have to keep banging on about them, and keep using them in comparisons to #$%$ Boro.

        Yet again, you're going on about me and my education, and make yourself look worse tan me by lowering yourself to sad name calling etc etc etc Zzzzzzzzz!

        CJ, you don't know me bud, and thank f*ck I don't know you, just stick to acting big on a message board, as it's all you're good at!

        I guess with you coming from smackhead central of the UK Middlesbrough it has left you devoid of a sense of humour?

        You have Geordie envy mate, you totally stink of it!

        Smoggies are not even in the shadows of the Mackems, nevermind the Geordies, so learn to know your place in the pecking order of the real north-easterners!

        Wasn't it not your close neighbours who went and hung a monkey CJ? So, I suggest you keep your banana, it's the #$%$ down your way who need them more than me.

        Good luck nest season, I hope Boro go DOWN!!!