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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Jul 15, 2008 22:44 Flag

    Geordie drug addicts given NUFC tickets 'to help them recover'

    OOoooooo Jabba's getting all riled look...check out his rage filled post on the no fans thread.
    Hey Jabs its "bud" here.....I will just call you EASY....when you have wiped the angry spittle off your monitor, ask MB for some banter lessons...his posts are humorous without resorting to angry bigotry.
    I hope you can one day conquer the obvious hatred that burns inside you..for example your quote "make yourself look worse TAN me"....I mean really...just because I live in Spain and have a suntan...there’s no need to be so bitter about it....I will ask the Newcastle zoo keepers to lace your next banana with tranquilizers.
    Laters.... Easy.