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  • Saw a little piece on Franck Qeudpoo on BBC ceefax that he has been release by BCFC.

    Said he played for Boro 2001 to 2006 won the league cup and played in the final of the UFEA Cup. It did not mention 2 FA Cup semi finals that he also played in, plus a couple of quarters.

    If we compared a similiar player in a similiar time period from NUFC what would it say?

    You cant take the mickey taking Jibber-Jabber-You-Fool

    If we are so poor but have won more than you, how #$%$ does that acutally make you and your team, considering the money your team has wasted, you oversized, ugly nipple?

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    • Doug, give it a rest man, you're boring as hell!

      "you oversized, ugly nipple"

      I'll remember that one Doug, the next time I'm crawling off your Mum. ;o)

      Try not to be too obsessed by that big club in that real north east city that has played Champions League football in it's history (unlike Boro) up the A19 my chemically imbalanced little friend.