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  • So Mido is a target for Steve Bruce & Wigan. Lets hope his chat with Southgate convinces him that in today's strategic game, it is imperative to have a proven goal scorer on the bench to come on just as Mido did against Spurs to give the oppositions defence some now problems to think about and a fresh pair of legs to chase. No player in a striking position should expect to play a full 90 mins and Mido should be convinced of that. He either starts the game or finishes it. In some games if Boro have enough of a goal cushion, stikers will be repalced with midfielders and defenders to protect the lead.
    But to reiterate my point on another thread about Downing, if Wigan are prepared to pay £8-9m then perhaps Mido could go, but remember what happened against Spurs, I would hate to see him score against us.

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