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  • as an egyptian i'm happy that mido scored yesterday. hopefully he can keep his attitude in check this year and show the world what he is capable of. on the other hand my country has just about had it with his arrogance and antics. i hope he gets it together.

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    • I just hope he doesnt eat all the pies again...great goal he scored on Saturday after Alves missed some sitters.
      Hopefully there will be good competition for places up front.

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      • So Mido is a target for Steve Bruce & Wigan. Lets hope his chat with Southgate convinces him that in today's strategic game, it is imperative to have a proven goal scorer on the bench to come on just as Mido did against Spurs to give the oppositions defence some now problems to think about and a fresh pair of legs to chase. No player in a striking position should expect to play a full 90 mins and Mido should be convinced of that. He either starts the game or finishes it. In some games if Boro have enough of a goal cushion, stikers will be repalced with midfielders and defenders to protect the lead.
        But to reiterate my point on another thread about Downing, if Wigan are prepared to pay £8-9m then perhaps Mido could go, but remember what happened against Spurs, I would hate to see him score against us.