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  • kht20 kht20 Aug 20, 2008 23:06 Flag

    So Liverpool are after unsettling Downing again

    It seems having failed to get Barry and a couple of other players, Benitez has turned his attention you Stewart Downing again, reputedly offering £12m this time. Let us hope Southgate, or should that be Mr Lamb and ultimately Steve Gibson stick by their collective guns and tell the Senor NO SALE. Judging by the prices players have gone for recently and the price put on Barry by Aston Villa our Stewie is worth at least £20m.

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    • Yep, unsettle the player then put in seriously low bids, moan about the other teams value, drag it out to unsettle the player more, reach a comprimise price. Then when selling massively over-inflate the price, moan about the offer price, drag it out... It´s the new Liverpool groove!

      I think realistically his not going to stay, forever, with the club. Johnson is getting itchy feet. One more season with Stewie then offload for 15-20m and let Johnson be a better replacement!