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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Sep 5, 2008 20:29 Flag

    Boro Not Chasing Foreign Cash

    All these clubs with "big investment" behind them are hundreds of Millions in debt.
    When an investor buys a club he buys an asset, he then uses this asset as capital to obtain huge loans, rarely dipping into his own pocket to provide funds. Yes the end result is the same, a huge cash injection for the club, but this does not necessarily guarantee loyalty and commitment from your players. Credit to Steve Gibson for the way he runs the club, a true supporter and chairman. I hope we never get bought out by some fat #$%$ like Mike Ashley who ultimately couldn’t give a to$$ about the game, the club, the supporters and the community....look at the mess NUFC are in.

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    • Better to have someone with a fiver in their pocket that a fat B like Ashley in charge.. At the end of the day they get found.

      You can take a big fat F*******g elephant out of the jungle.. but you can't take London out of the big fat F*******g elephant

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      • The blokes a tail MB. From Fat Freddy to fat Ashley...I dunno which one is worse.
        One thing for sure is that with the good following your club has another buyer should be just around the corner, I cant see Ashley wanting to hold on to the club much longer...there’s probably a camel on the horizon as we speak.