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  • kht20 kht20 Sep 15, 2008 16:40 Flag

    Steve Van Mclaren..... Ja !!

    Have you only just seen this?? It has been featured in newspapers, on MOTD and on links on search engines. Come on pay attention or you'll get left behind

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    • Yes I have only just seen it, smart alec..and thought everyone else would like a laugh too. But there again, I spend most of my football life actually AT the games, not reading about it in the newspapers, or watching the games on TV...from my armchair like you clearly do.

      You pay attention, football is a live spectator sport, not a TV and newspaper sport. Come on pay attention or you'll be left behind !!

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      • Oi that was a joke....... it was not meant maliciously. Apologies if you were offended. By the way for you info, I am a season ticket holder at Boro and travel from Alnwick for every home game a round trip of about 160 miles. I do watch MOTD and some games on TV, but since Setanta muscled in on EPL effectively adding a tenner a month to my Sky Sports subscription for no more matches, I've cancelled my Sky Sports subscription as I think football supporters are being ripped off by the subscription channels