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  • kht20 kht20 Sep 15, 2008 17:58 Flag

    Steve Van Mclaren..... Ja !!

    Oi that was a joke....... it was not meant maliciously. Apologies if you were offended. By the way for you info, I am a season ticket holder at Boro and travel from Alnwick for every home game a round trip of about 160 miles. I do watch MOTD and some games on TV, but since Setanta muscled in on EPL effectively adding a tenner a month to my Sky Sports subscription for no more matches, I've cancelled my Sky Sports subscription as I think football supporters are being ripped off by the subscription channels

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    • Oh right...apology accepted, and my apology's for biting your head off, thought it was an armchair being smart.

      Yes mate, have to agree, Subscription Football on TV is a rip off, I never watch it, as I dont agree with it, and I dont agree with International football being PAYV either. Everyone should have the right to watch their national team.
      However, here's a good link if you want free football. May come in a different language, but does that matter.? Down load 'sopcast' , and thats all there is to it.


      Cheers mate