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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Oct 21, 2008 17:59 Flag


    Southgate got it wrong and credit to him that he admitted the same, lets hope he at least learned something from this disaster.
    Chelsea were on fire, even with an injury weakened side, their passing and movement were superb, but to be fair we would have made any team look good. No organisation in defence, the inability to string more than 2 passes together, no bite in the centre of the park or creativity when needed. Downing seems too eager to run down the flank and send in crosses to no-one... instead of cutting inside and bringing other people into play...mind you he would probably need a right foot to do that.
    Alves & Mido again proved ineffective and didn’t trouble their defenders one bit...It was more like a training match for Chelsea or a pre-season friendly against lower division opposition, cos that’s exactly where we are heading if we keep on in this manner. Hopefully this result may give us a much needed kick up the #$%$.
    Davey…I know ur not here to gloat lol ;o)

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    • Je ne gloatez pas mon ami, probably coz we`re too busy bailing out the lifeboats. It brings to mind a line from an old song C.J. . I`ll get over this of course I will
      I`ll pretend my ship ain`t sinking
      I`ll get over this of course I will
      I`m the king of wishfull thinking !
      I can`t believe how thick "Mike the fan" has proven himself to be.All he had to do was look at the way that other successfull clubs are run and copy that ( O.K. exclude Chelski from that )Everywhere else the man whose head is on the block gets to sign the players of HIS choice instead of having players thrust upon him by a nasty, vertically challenged, cockney barrow boy..................How the F**K was that ever ganna work ?