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  • kht20 kht20 Nov 18, 2008 22:56 Flag


    I did see the Chelsea game and it was not only embarrassing it was also demoralising too. But Boro were rolled over by a vastly superior side who were positively fizzing on the day. Since then they have come up against what can be described as 'normal' sides and more than held their own. Compare and contrast the Chelsea performance with the the others and the difference is belief.
    Now, as to the support at home, I travel a round trip of 140 miles for each home game and pay over �400 for a season ticket. I can guarantee within minutes of the kick off there are voices around me complaining about the quality of a pass, the ability of a player, or should I say lack of it, or the commitment. The complaints are peppered with expletives and filth even though within close earshot are small children and families. At the other end, the oppositions supporters are singing away, cheering on individuals and the team's efforts. But it was ever thus, Boro crowds have always been fickle. but unfortunately few are knowledgible about the game and the way it is played. With the resources available to Boro, we will always be a top half of the table team, who can expect a good cup run at best. The Riverside should have a right to expect a crowd of 30,000+ for each home game, with a sell out for a cup game or for the visit of a 'big four team' or local derby. Why there aren't crowds of that size for every home game is down to the fickleness of the Teessider who expects players to be bought costing �10m+ with the wages that would require, but who doesn't think that to achieve that he or she has to contribute. We have undoubtedly the best Chairman in British football and I am deeply grateful to him for all he does for 'my' team. We also have a good young manager, who should go on to bigger things in time. Will the crowd get behind them both as well as the team? I shan't hold my breath.

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    • Fair play to you travelling that distance every home game. It could be argued that we actually do well with attendance figures considering the size of the Middlesbrough population...but the outlying areas of Teesside stretch further, and you are correct, we should have better turn out for our home games.
      Gibson is the best chairman you could wish for and he has frozen ticket prices the last few seasons, but perhaps the prices are still too high for the average local. More concessions on tickets might give us higher attendances and ultimately better home support.