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  • expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Oct 19, 2008 12:29 Flag


    the recent display against chelsea just sums the current m'boro side up and I do not see any progress since the departure of SM but just a slow regression. We have not got the quality in coaching staff to back up such an inexperienced manager and that is what we need..no league cup run this year, no good signing, one who hasn't appeared as yet, I do not see many positives to what is happening at mfc. and the chairman and board wonder why attendances are slipping

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    • Now then C.J. Your last comment was very naughty,it`s supposed to be a family show,there`s no plaice ( he he ) for that type of humour on here. We`re risking admonishment from our old mates "Kipper" Roy and secret agent Nigel for engaging in smutty adult humour..........( Well almost adult )

    • Mange tout Davey, Mange tout, the manager....getting to pick his own players...petits pois Monsieur ! , What with increasing European integration what we have now is the continental way innit.

      The manager, what with all the worry he has getting the boys to perform on the pitch & training ground, does not have to worry his pretty little head over trivial things such as the signing of new players.
      Instead create an executive position within the club for some ex-footballer / extra from the time bandits, to go on a jolly around Europe and enjoy the lavish hospitality of various clubs & players agents whilst stuffing his pockets with the odd "little earner", o yes, and perhaps picking up a few players (and the occasional rash) along the way.
      On his return the executive need only introduce the new signings to the beleaguered manager, then, with all the "hard" work done, its off for a relaxing round of golf with his employer to recount his tales of daring do around Europe’s finest brothels....What a guy!....I bet he even lets fat Mike smell his fingers.

    • What was embarrassing was the Boro 'supporters' booing their own team off at half time, and the mass exodus about 25 minutes from the final whistle. No team outside the top four could have lived with Chelsea yesterday they were class. But what you do is applaud a better team not boo your own! There are big holes in the Boro set up and we are most certainly missing Tuncay. I, and the season ticket holders around me, questioned Southgate's line up and dropping Alves. Why play two right wingers? Why change nothing at half time? Why not throw in Emnes and Digard? Errors yes but, in my opinion losing at home to West Brom was far worse than losing to Chelsea. I feel for Gibson he must have felt doubly sick yesterday, firstly for the drubbing, he is a Boro fan, but more sickened by the crowd reaction.