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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Nov 10, 2008 19:36 Flag

    Taxi for Alves

    Great result, against Aston Villa, we rode our luck at times and Villa could have easily scored 3 or 4, but it was good to see that we could have also scored more against a strong Villa team.
    Alves's miss from 3 yards would have been comical if it was not so worrying..., Riggot had a great game and came close to scoring with a good header, as did Downing..he played to his potential for a change and worked hard.
    Tuncay was gifted his 2 goals but took them well and its great to see his grafting paying off, the fella never stops running and if not for him chasing seemingly lost causes the result today would have been altogether different.
    Man of the match Ross Turnbull, made some excellent saves at crucial moments in the game.

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    • I am not worried about Mr Alves's abilities, more about his application. One certainly cannot dismiss his scoring record at Heerenveen, but he does seem to miss what would be regarded as sitters. May be he is one of these players who needs to hit 20 shots on goal to score one or two, in which case he needs a good and plentyful supply. He certainly prefers to cut in from what used to be the old inside forward position rather than centre forward. He does not seem comfortable or competant to play with his back to goal in the Viduka mode. Neither does he seem willing to make a nuisance of himself with the opposition's back four as does Mido. Finally he is a big guy, and probably could do with losing half a stone, so he is not going to beat many players on the chase with or without the ball. I think Tuncay, Downing, O'Neil and Aliadiere need to work in training on putting in the splitting pass between defenders for him to run on to (but not too far!!). He has the ability to side step and beat a retreating defender or alternatively win a free kick from an unfair tackle. Either way he will be heading for goal from open play or a free kick. I'm not sure the aforementioned players have the measure of him yet to play to his strengths, but I am sure goals will come from him in time. The question is how much time?

    • I am also very worried about alves abilities and touch.

      Too many basic errors for 12.5mm gbp I am afriad, poor first too so many times, poor vision and too many easy misses..

      a lot of time on the coaching field need I believe