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  • I fully accept that there is no place for racism in football or in society in general.Having said that I do believe that Mr Piara Power from kick racism out of football needs to get a grip.He has said that it is time for the FA and the police to act against Newcastle fans who "racially abused" your player Mido with "Islamaphobic chants" during last Saturdays derby match. Why is it that this type of incident is only highlighted when the player receiving the abuse is from an ethnic minority? Throughout his days as a Newcastle player Alan Shearer was constantly abused by Manchester United fans being derided loudly in song as a"Sad Geordie B*st*rd" Shearer himself never complained and neither the F A or the police were ever asked to intervene. Had Shearer been black or a muslim there would probably have been an uproar in certain quarters .I have already stated that I am no racist nor do I think it was in anyway funy what some of our fans were singing to Mido,but was it any more abusive than the same group of supporters referring to Stuart Downing as a Smoggy B*st*rd I am intrigued that if your white your expected to put up with being abused because of your background as in Geordie B*st*rd / Smoggy B*st*rd, yet when a muslim is similarly "abused" Mr Power believes it is a matter for the police.He is of course entitled to express his concerns regarding Saturdays incident but his comments in my opinion lack balance.

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    • I have to agree with some of what you are saying here Davey but this started after one of the attacks last season where people have died. So this needs to be taken into account. why do some UK councils tell people to take down St George flags on St Georges day and other days in case they offend, when the same officials would never dare tell a shop keeper to remove an India flag or other?

      So yes in the purist of pure arguemnts you are correct however why should Mido suffer abuse based on religion and creed? Abuse him for being a smoggy, fat, a sick note, a moaner all of the above but leave religion, skin colour and terrorist acts out of it.

      Why is it only you boys doing it anyway?

      Racist biggot #$%$ inbred Jawdies