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  • kht20 kht20 Dec 9, 2008 19:34 Flag


    By the way Doug ...what is your view on the report of Downing leaving in January ....yet again to Spurs ...this time for £12m. Newspaper talk???

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    • 12m is far too cheap. Carrick goes for 18m, Barry was quoted as 18m by Villa, the paper talk is Lennon plus OHara for 10m and 5m respectively in exchange for Keane. Downing has 10 times the caps of Carrick and possibly Barry too. So if lennon is worth 10 Downing must be quoted at 18m to clubs then sold for nothing less than 15 - in my view.

      When should he go? Well, clearly we need to keep the team as strong as possible. Downing is a great player but not a world beater-yet. He does not dribble round players enough when off form or on it, Jinky Johnson, his ready made replacement, does. We arent getting enough heads onto his crosses in the box at the moment. Alves and Tuncay arent the heading goal getters like Mido (sell Mido instead get some cash and a fitter striker, poaching Crouchy of Porstmouth who need the cash???)so how effect is he for us at the moment? Deadballs are now contested with Mido and Alves - sometimes ridiculously so and with little effect so we have replacements in this department as well. Penalties - less said the better. Goals - missing from this season but was much better last.

      Having said all of that he is one if not the best left footed crossers in the league. On avergae he has the most crosses in the league coming second to Bentley last season but with a much higher return. I rate him and highly. I love it when he plays for England. Realistically at some point he needs to leave to see if he can go to a bigger club and thrive.

      GS is changing the players we buy from old donkeys to up and coming stars. This will however change us from a retirment home to a selling club. Cash in on the youngsters as they thrive to push the club on to buy more youngsters and a few gems (hopefully).

      Prior to the last 2 defeats we were sitting pretty looking to tangle with the EU slots. No points later and we look the other way. 2 wins and we are right back up there, look at bolton. Next game is Arsenal though!

      If we are at the top end of the league I think he is happy to stay. A new 5 year contract shows his happyness else it would have been a four or 3 year to keep the prospect of a sale in mind and on the cards. At the bottom end he looks like a useful asset to dispose of with JJ champing at the bit to replace him.

      Dont sell him, if JJ then goes, a year later Downing is off we lose 2 of the best left feet in the market in 12 months and are screwed. Keeping Downing keeps JJ #$%$ off. He wants his shot at the position and in England U21 games he looks really good. He needs to work on his distribution and when to pass but look how Ashley Young has got on at Villa in the second full season.

      So after all of this...If we are in EU at the end of the season keep him, if not sell for more than 12m (ideally 18m!) and allow the others to come in. Dont sell in Jan at all costs, weakens us, strengthen rivals sends wrong message to the team!