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    Good as he's mainly been and a local lad. Is this the time for Stewart to pursue his horizons at a big club now and drop £15 million into the kitty?

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    • I posted this in December regarding Downing and the money situation at the club.
      One thing I will say for the lad, since the Spurs so called deal fell through he's playing out of his skin and that's being a total professional.
      He could have sulked like so many in the past but he's done the opposite.

    • Not yet when My team get relegated and Turnbull And Southgate have been fired, two useless fools.

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      • yes let him go,obviously he wants to leave the club. he has no heart for the team that made him successfull. get rid of him now before its too late..because nobody will want him and they wont pay the ransom...i mean money...oh when they do get rid off him make sure that southgate and turnbull are on the same bus.

    • great posting...the theme herehas changed to what the root cause of M'bros demise has been this season, after the great start. No plan B or C....we need more experience in the back room...we have talent and potentail but that needs harnassing and motivating correctly...Lets keep hoping changes will be made this transfer window but ot so much in the playing staff but the support stafff....we need more experience to survive..but who.....???

    • I think it is newspaper talk. Firstly, we have a player waiting for his chance to play in Downing's position i.e. Johnson. Secondly why would we take on a right footed player who has less pace. Finally would Bentley come to Boro anyway, he has a very high opinion of himself.
      Having watched Downing on Saturday, I have to say he was by far the best player on the pitch and received a good reception from the crowd (Mackem supporters excepted). Tuncay seems to have gone off the boil but possibly because he is being played out of his natural position behind the strikers. We missed the pace of Alliadiere and when Digard went off shortly after Walker we surrendered the midfield. And as for bringing on Mido five minutes from time, well that was a complete waste. Why doesn't Southgate start Mido with the instructions to run himself ragged for sixty minutes then bring on Alves in his place for the last thirty minutes. I am afraid my earlier posts about inexperienced coaching and poor tactics were proved correct again against Sunderland. Individually all players apart from Downing underperformed as can be seen by the newspaper ratings but as a team they were disorganised and inept with lateral balls and speculative long balls being the norm. No defence splitting passes, balls played to static players rather than for a man to run on to, no movement at throw ins or free kicks. All this is really elementary stuff. There certainly was any creativity on the ball or off it, and at times players treated the ball like a hot potato trying to get rid of it as soon as possible.

    • How do you guys feel regarding the possible swap that's been in the papers recently?
      Bentley for Downing plus cash--there's a surprise. But Bentley isn't performing under Harry apparently (no pun intended). Always considered Bentley an unpredictable talent--interesting.

    • Agreed, the view of whole thing is that Downning requested for transfer because of lack of competitiveness of the team. Well just looking at squad they are very good team, and if you simulate the game in PC or TV game, they can win quite a bit of games. What they need is an experience leader. I mean I like Southgate, and do wish to see him succeed, but whole thing is pre-maturely taken care. Get a good coach let Gareth learn under tutor from him then let him coach. Boro do have a potential to be in top 10 and with little effort can even see them again in UEFA Cup.

    • It's a bit of a tricky one this for the Boro. It's typical Gibson to back his manager up but this is a chance to get the cash and bring maybe 3 players in.
      Plus the fact that the lad probably needs a new challenge now. I rate him highly, probably the best left foot in the country with the potential to become more consistent and score more goals in the right set up.
      I've a feeling some other club will come in this next couple of weeks and really test the Boro's resistance.

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      • Messrs Gibson & Lamb have a tricky balancing act here. Do they sell Downing (my opinion is £20m would be the right price), and send the signal to the supporters that the club lacks ambition and can't hold on to its class players, or, stick to their guns, turn away a terrific sum of money and have a player on the field who just does not want to be there. They also have the dilemma of a manager who needs to strengthen his midfield and find a goal-scorer whilst there is no money in the kitty to do so. Add to this a midfielder who wants to return to his former club because his wife is homesick and a striker who thinks a move will get him regular games despite his inability to score regularly. For what is worth (not much really) here is my advice:-

        Tell Spurs they can have Downing for £20m no ifs, buts or extra money for 'games played' clauses.
        O'Neil can make his wife happy by returning to Portsmouth for £5.5m as they've got the cash from selling Defoe and Diarra
        Mido can go to Wigan for £6m - no loans, just straight cash.
        That would give Boro £31.5m to part balance the books and provide Southgate with £15m to get a good quality steely midfielder and a young, probably foreign, striker who knows where the goal is, has some pace and can hold the ball with his back to goal when necessary. I completely agree with the general consensus thatAdam Johnson will easily slip into Downing's role. Oh and by the way, Tuncay is going nowhere!!

    • Its good business so the anewer has to be YES! Get 20 Mill for him, promote Johnson, and go out and buy a combatitive midfielder to give us that bit more steel in midfield.

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      • Johnson to me looks like the better player of late, if we can get 18 million for Downing, cash him in....but from his last performances he hasn't looked like 18 quid. We desperately need a quality holding midfielder who can win the ball & distribute and score the odd goal, and a striker who can hit the back of the net...Alves is looking more and more like a bad buy. Mido has suffered a dip in form too....we are sinking fast...sell downing and buy two quality players.

    • The question is more complicated than should Boro realise the £15m or so they have tied up in Downing. For a start is Tottenham a big club at which a young ambitious player could win honours? I think not, remember they sold Defoe, Keane and Berbatov and I don't think they will become a Champions League team in the foreseeable future. If Manchester Utd, Chelsea, or even Liverpool or Arsenal, Real Madrid et al were to make an offer then that would be different. Unless of course the ambitious player was just looking to boost his pay packet and not be looking for silverware.
      From the club's point of view, it would send out the wrong signal to let Downing, Tuncay or Mido go, they are by and large crowd pleasers and who would or could be brought in to replace them. Besides isn't Southgate building a young team of the future?