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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Jan 8, 2009 20:10 Flag


    A good assessment of the situation KH, I do believe that the majority of the supporters would rather we sell Downing and stick the "hungrier" Adam Johnson in his place. There will be few fans who would disagree with such a decision.
    Yes, sell Mido & O Neal too and spend the dosh on a quality young midfielder, Fellaini would be ideal for the job, I was back home for the game on boxing day against Everton and I thought he was (forgive the pun) head & shoulders their best player, won everything in the middle of the park and used the ball well. This would give us some much needed strength where we desperately need it.

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    • What about the latest rumour CJ swapping Mido for Alan Smith supposedly to add steel to the midfield. I can't see the sense in that unless Mido is proving unmanagable and Boro just want rid. Bid of £4.5m turned down for O'Neil. Still nothing more heard of re Tuncay move.
      Just a thought CJ with all these clubs wanting Boro players doesn't make you think that maybe our current position isn't down to the players but the coaching?

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      • You have something with the coaching, Southgate still has a lot of learning to do and wouldn't be in the job if it wasn't for the ever patient Gibson. We did start out with some good attacking displays this season, only to find ourselves now as the lowest goal scoring side bar West Brom. That could be down to our strikers who at present would struggle to hit a cows #$%$ with a banjo.
        Somehow I dont think we have a hope in hell of getting Fellaini, but a player of his ilk would suffice.

      • Well done guys....Finally, someone has got to the root cause of all of our current problems...this now is SGs coaching and back room squad and I do not think they are instilling any confidence in the squad. I do so dearly hope they prove me ever so wrong but we need experience upstairs. with such a young squad you need experience behind the desk, but can not have both inexperience in the dressing room and in the managers office to survive never mind succeed. A failed ex Sunderland manager as a #$%$. Manager does not give me a great deal of confidence. How many coaching jobs has Cooper and Pears had before this one..?

        I have mentioned on several posts in the past that there lacks tactical knowledge in decisions being made on and off the field. Please can someone tell me a great SG buy (on Tuncay) but that is 1 out of how many.

        Again I will reiterate though..I hope I am proved wrong but after the Everton game I can only see one with the current style and tactics employed. relegation may be financially disasterous for MFC...aka Leeds Utd disasterous...

    • I think that might be a wish too far CJ, Everton paid £15m for him in September so I can't see either him tempted to come to Boro or Moyes tempted to sell him.
      I know he is 33 this year but I wonder if Viera could be tempted to one last hurrah. He would be brilliant to teach Digard everything he knows in the same way as Bobby Murdoch did with Souness.