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  • Alan H Alan H Jan 8, 2009 07:11 Flag


    It's a bit of a tricky one this for the Boro. It's typical Gibson to back his manager up but this is a chance to get the cash and bring maybe 3 players in.
    Plus the fact that the lad probably needs a new challenge now. I rate him highly, probably the best left foot in the country with the potential to become more consistent and score more goals in the right set up.
    I've a feeling some other club will come in this next couple of weeks and really test the Boro's resistance.

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    • Messrs Gibson & Lamb have a tricky balancing act here. Do they sell Downing (my opinion is £20m would be the right price), and send the signal to the supporters that the club lacks ambition and can't hold on to its class players, or, stick to their guns, turn away a terrific sum of money and have a player on the field who just does not want to be there. They also have the dilemma of a manager who needs to strengthen his midfield and find a goal-scorer whilst there is no money in the kitty to do so. Add to this a midfielder who wants to return to his former club because his wife is homesick and a striker who thinks a move will get him regular games despite his inability to score regularly. For what is worth (not much really) here is my advice:-

      Tell Spurs they can have Downing for £20m no ifs, buts or extra money for 'games played' clauses.
      O'Neil can make his wife happy by returning to Portsmouth for £5.5m as they've got the cash from selling Defoe and Diarra
      Mido can go to Wigan for £6m - no loans, just straight cash.
      That would give Boro £31.5m to part balance the books and provide Southgate with £15m to get a good quality steely midfielder and a young, probably foreign, striker who knows where the goal is, has some pace and can hold the ball with his back to goal when necessary. I completely agree with the general consensus thatAdam Johnson will easily slip into Downing's role. Oh and by the way, Tuncay is going nowhere!!

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      • A good assessment of the situation KH, I do believe that the majority of the supporters would rather we sell Downing and stick the "hungrier" Adam Johnson in his place. There will be few fans who would disagree with such a decision.
        Yes, sell Mido & O Neal too and spend the dosh on a quality young midfielder, Fellaini would be ideal for the job, I was back home for the game on boxing day against Everton and I thought he was (forgive the pun) head & shoulders their best player, won everything in the middle of the park and used the ball well. This would give us some much needed strength where we desperately need it.