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    Bold Move

    Or maybe just a daft idea...How about we field a team of purely local players, perhaps not now , but surely next season many of our youth players will be old enough to step up to the challenge. They will have more desire than any foreign imports and will have the best chance to prove themselves. They couldn't do much worse than the team we have playing now.

    Any thoughts on this subject anyone??

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    • have you got a hidden camera following me around..........?!!? this is exactly the conversation I was having with a mate of mine at the weekend...the only thing about the club I am proud of at this moment is that we are not full of overpaid foreign premadonna..(apart from one or two..!?)

      I think the suggestion you propose would not however work at this stage but as soon as we secure premiership status(if) then giving the local lads a go would do wonders for moral of club and teesside and attract moregood youth to the academy....

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      • No I don’t work for the CIA smog...although I once went for a job at ICI.
        Yes now is not the time, there would be too much pressure on them to keep us up, but why not give them 4 or 5 games at the start of next season to have a go....if we lose most of them (which happens anyway at the start of a season) then we can bring the other players back in who will have had a break and come back fresher.
        Build the team around local lads and stick our foreign imports on the bench.

    • That is a bit of a poser CJ and a little on the fanciful side if you don't mind me saying. McClaren fielded a team of players all of whom originated within a 15 mile radius of the Riverside which was designed as a tribute to Steve Gibson and his support of the Academy. I'm not sure I would do that if we were depending on three points being secured. Six 'local lads' played in the team on Saturday last which is still a magnificent achievement when Arsene Wenger and other Premier League managers field teams without even one player who would qualify to play for England. It would be a bold move and I'm not sure, were my mortgage repayments be riding upon it, whether I'd be prepared to make it.
      If I could be so bold as to offer Mr Gibson any advice, it would be to look to bring in a seasoned and experience coach, tactician & campaigner as support for Gareth Southgate who has admitted his is a lonely furrow he is ploughing. I'm sure Colin Cooper and the rest of the coaching team give GS as much support as they can but they too are novices in their jobs. We have seen in recent weeks, Ince and Keane leave their jobs and I don't want to see GS suffer the same fate when a bit of help and an older wiser head would be able to offer good counsel.

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      • I think I remember the game we fielded our local team, we lost 0-1 to Fulham. It makes me proud that we have so many young gifted players from the academy and financially it makes good sense.... look back at the Brian Robson era when we $punked fortunes on foreign players at the end of their careers.
        I believe that Southgate is striving to produce a balance of good local lads mixed with players bought in from other teams but some of the players bought in (bar Tuncay) just don't seem to show the same level of commitment shown by the Boro lads.

        Regarding the coaching problem, I agree this does now seem to be an issue. I was initially disappointed with GS being handed the managers job but I did come around, he seemed to be learning quickly and showed good potential....but after a run of poor results we have to re-address the situation and yes he does now seem to be struggling.
        Firstly, apart from when he started at Crystal Palace, playing in central midfield, Southgate spent his career as a center back. A good qualification as a defensive coach but lacking in creativity up front..this seems to sum up our performances this season, we fall apart in the final third and desperately need more imagination.
        Second point worth mentioning is Southgate's manner..and one which you have hit upon yourself KH.....he doesn't really come across as an imposing manager who inspires high levels of commitment from his players. Perhaps I am wrong, but does he have the character & persona to command respect from his players, especially the senior ones when he is relatively young himself ?
        Perhaps the intervention of an older, more experienced manager would be beneficial, it did when Bryan Robson lost the plot and Venables kept us up in the 2000/2001 season, but to most people that would be the same as replacing GS, in the end there can only be one manager and for better or for worse we have him until Gibson deems otherwise.....start praying !