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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 18, 2009 01:33 Flag

    Southgate go now please

    Admit it you just are not good enough.
    Come back when your more experienced and stop practicing with my beloved Boro.
    Southgate should go now

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    • totally agree with you,although boro themselves are partly to blame for the position theyre in for going for the cheap option. what i mean is why go for southgate? an inexperienced manager. boro should have spent decent money on a decent manager. the saying is...pay peanuts and you get a monkey...well thats about right. its the same with the goalkeeper isnt it....as for downing..i would let him go and buy someone decent. thats not a bad reflection on downing himself. anyway back to southgate..only three words i can say
      O U T O U T O U T.