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    Kinnear Resigns Is Southgate Next??

    Joe Kinnear, the fat useless #$%$ that supposedly manages Newcastle United resigned from his position after the 3-0 whitewash against bland Blackburn Rovers managed by another fat useless #$%$ Sam Allardyce.

    Kinnear said " I've just signed a 2 year contract and the pay off will allow me to put a deposit down on a pub in London - er sorry - I meant to say to allow me to spend more time to with my family.

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    • lets hope he does follow kinnear,lets hope he takes half the team with him because their hearts arnt in it. steve gibson deserves a lot more than what the manager and team are offering at the moment..im suprised that gibson hasnt sold the club by now. ive seen better amatuers play. boro fc could be a good club if the players and manager were putting in the hard work. if you ask me its easy money being a football player...ill play for them for £500 a week. mind you i might not put my heart into it..i only want the money.