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  • Deano Deano Jan 21, 2009 04:59 Flag

    Are Boro doomed?

    Didn't expect to have those replying agreeing with me which worries me all the more. The fans see the real issues I just hope the higher management at the club see the potential troubles ahead.

    Another negative thought that came to me was should Boro slide into the Championship would they get the market value of their so called star players? I'm not up on who has signed what and for how long but looking in the past at other relegated clubs their best sharpish left once they went down and for greatly reduced prices, should this be the case with Boro then given their financial plight (didn't I read in the Gazette something to do with £69M in the red) there could be real chance of them not being able to financially survive if they don't bounce back straight away.

    Allardyce said yesterday that the Premiership is worth £40M to stay in it, Mr Gibson has to see the big picture now. His strength is fast becoming his weakness........his loyalty to his manager!!!! I got nothing against Gareth Southgate as a person/player, he was an example of how the professional footballer should be, but as a manager for me he is akin to Souness, Keegan, Dalglish, Barnes, Ince....simply not good enough. Please for the clubs sake do not wait another few weeks before you act Mr Gibson, if Boro get a mauling at the hands of Chelsea again (and the chances of that are very very high) then I fear the season is over even with the amount of games left to go.