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  • Deano Deano Feb 10, 2009 05:38 Flag

    Are Boro doomed?

    Hi again, in my initial thread I predicted 3 losses (2 heavy the other by 2-3 nil) and actual results (whilst still not what Boro need) haven't been as bad ie 2 x 1-0's and a draw so Boro are showing some battling, hard to break down qualities BUT my prediction was just about right and still Gareth mr Nice Guy Southgate remains in charge whilst other managers who's teams are above Boro loose their jobs. I'm not beating the drums for a witch hunt to get him out, it is not my personal ambition to see a man loose his job, but it is my personal ambition and desire to see Boro stay in the big time which I cannot see happening as long as this manager stays in charge.

    Reports today confirm Boros debt to be £85MILLION, how on earth do Boro expect to remain in existance should they loose the revenue that comes from being in the Premiership? Will the big name players ie Downing, Huth, Wheater, Tuncay, Alves Aliadiere etc etc want to play Championship football next season should they go down? I doubt it, their egos will not allow that to happen but their value to the club will be half what it is right now so therefore Boro loose their quality players for next to nothing, the attendances will without question go down so again more lost revenue and unless they bounce back straight away they will struggle in the Championship (which is known to be a very hard league to get out of).

    I really really fear the worst now. I cannot see how Boro are going to get the points required to aviod relegation, picking up the odd draw here and there aint good enough it has to be a Man U type run of victories as of Wigan onwards but after Wigan (which has draw written all over it btw) it's Liverpool so expect the worst there I fear.

    Steve Gibson has played the waiting game far too long to alter the status quo now, he is totally reliant on Gareth Southgate doing a major Harry Houdini escapology act probably because Southgate talked a good game, but he is failing badly, everyone can see it execpt the Boro heirarchy!

    Good job for Southgate he wasn't the manager at another club, he would be out of work and no-one else worth their salt would seek his services for a very long time to come, but pity the Boro supporters who have had to put up with the dross dished up to them week in week out for 13 games without a win, to follow the lowest goalscoring team in ALL 4 divisions and yet we hear 'I'm pleased with the qualities we showed today, I'm pleased with our efforts, there is a good team spirit etc etc......McClaren all over again.

    To late to wish for change, now it's time to pray for something not too far short of a miracle.