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    Are Boro doomed?

    Boro's next 3 games and predicted results (for those of you who care):-

    Chelsea (A) Big Loss 3 or 4 Nil
    Blackburn (H) Loss 1 or 2 Nil
    Man City (A) Big Loss 3 or 4 Nil

    Boro are in serious danger of being bottom after the Chelsea game by way of G/D let alone waiting for the Blackburn game, who are now showing decent form and Man City who when they do win at home win big and Kaka might be there just to torment Boro even further.

    Gibson has to act now otherwise it will be relegation. I have read threads where people are asking for new players to come in...well what player in their right mind will willingly come to a bottom 3 team staring relegation square in the face? There might be 1 or 2 but I'd bet their wage demands would be large with get out clauses left right and center.

    Personally I cannot see Boro surviving this season and yet when I discuss this with other so called fans their answer is...well atleast the Geordies and Mackems are in the #$%$ as well...who cares whether Newcastle or Sunderland go down or not, Boro should be their main concern and at the min they are doomed for Champoinship Football next season.

    For Gods sake somebody in authority at Boro act now, remove Southgate and try like hell to get players in who might just give more to the fight to stay in the top flight.

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    • Hi again, in my initial thread I predicted 3 losses (2 heavy the other by 2-3 nil) and actual results (whilst still not what Boro need) haven't been as bad ie 2 x 1-0's and a draw so Boro are showing some battling, hard to break down qualities BUT my prediction was just about right and still Gareth mr Nice Guy Southgate remains in charge whilst other managers who's teams are above Boro loose their jobs. I'm not beating the drums for a witch hunt to get him out, it is not my personal ambition to see a man loose his job, but it is my personal ambition and desire to see Boro stay in the big time which I cannot see happening as long as this manager stays in charge.

      Reports today confirm Boros debt to be £85MILLION, how on earth do Boro expect to remain in existance should they loose the revenue that comes from being in the Premiership? Will the big name players ie Downing, Huth, Wheater, Tuncay, Alves Aliadiere etc etc want to play Championship football next season should they go down? I doubt it, their egos will not allow that to happen but their value to the club will be half what it is right now so therefore Boro loose their quality players for next to nothing, the attendances will without question go down so again more lost revenue and unless they bounce back straight away they will struggle in the Championship (which is known to be a very hard league to get out of).

      I really really fear the worst now. I cannot see how Boro are going to get the points required to aviod relegation, picking up the odd draw here and there aint good enough it has to be a Man U type run of victories as of Wigan onwards but after Wigan (which has draw written all over it btw) it's Liverpool so expect the worst there I fear.

      Steve Gibson has played the waiting game far too long to alter the status quo now, he is totally reliant on Gareth Southgate doing a major Harry Houdini escapology act probably because Southgate talked a good game, but he is failing badly, everyone can see it execpt the Boro heirarchy!

      Good job for Southgate he wasn't the manager at another club, he would be out of work and no-one else worth their salt would seek his services for a very long time to come, but pity the Boro supporters who have had to put up with the dross dished up to them week in week out for 13 games without a win, to follow the lowest goalscoring team in ALL 4 divisions and yet we hear 'I'm pleased with the qualities we showed today, I'm pleased with our efforts, there is a good team spirit etc etc......McClaren all over again.

      To late to wish for change, now it's time to pray for something not too far short of a miracle.

    • not been a crystal ball believe but i just think it is in GS stars to be an unlucky manager...McClaren on the other hand had a great piece of luck to reach the UEFA finals after qfinals and semifinal close shaves.....snatching victory from the jaws of defeat....back room staff is the key here but also is a goal scorer or someone who holds the ball up and links well and king may give us that...Mido just seems to have lost the plot everywhere he goes....his mentallity seems typical Arabic..(this is not a racial comment, but a fact, I h ave knowledge first hand...)..I think he has lost respect for GS as has the majority of the dressing room...several people seem to be hiding and just taking the wages, o'neil, mido,shawky amongst some....come on guys step up there is easily the ability but not the drive, tactics and motivation...which comes from the back room.

    • Now I'm not usually one for lucky heather, rabbits feet, walking under ladders and black cats crossing my path (not referring here at all to Mackems!!), but I am beginning to think GS is not a lucky manager. With Rednap on the other hand it appears to ooze out of every pore (see last nights result against Burnley in Carling Cup). Despite being in relegation trouble, he's at Wembley again and probably in Europe too. And more to the point he is making his own luck by buying to strengthening his team.
      GS on the other hand is not wanting to take Boro into the Championship and I am sure Steve Gibson is not either although a cynic might think that if Boro did spend a year in the Championship it would drastically reduce the £69m debt with player sales, reduced wage bill and parachute payments. I am, along with BoroDoug, CJ and others getting quite worried as nothing seems to be happening. The proposed signing of Watson from Crystal Palace seems a little makeshift but who knows, I for one has never seen him play. However other clubs including Fulham are trying to hijack his transfer and I gather he would prefer to remain in London. I still maintain its not on the field we need strengthening its in the dug out!!

    • lots of good comments in this thread guys, and lots of worried folk....!!
      I think we have been very unlucky this year with off side goals(hull/wba), penaltys against and not for (portsmouth/arsenal), deflected goals (l'pool/wba etc..)...but this is just excuses, you make your own luck...Why are a team like wigan, similar size to boro doing so well...?

      What is the solution...spend money, get ourselves into more debit and hope to survive..? Fulham have a good experience manager now and have bought quite wisely, look how schw is performing this year.....

      have we got a true lack of foresight in the club which wants the club to go to the next level, or are we just really a championship side who has been punching above their weight for a while...?

      Come on guys lets see some changes, nice words at press interviews dont get you points...!

    • I dont think GS is trying to get Harewood or now more worringly King for their goals.

      I think he is looking for the big target front man who can do the "Heskey" role of taking the ball on his head, shoulders knocking it back or sidesways 2 to 3m keeping us in possesion when the all too regular punt comes out of the back line. Both of these players fit that role, Heskey is not in our current pot of available players, Crouch also. GS clearly does not rate Mido for this role and as such he is looking at this type of player.

      King has 5 goals in the prem if he can repeat that at ours with also being able to hold the ball up to allow the support play to kick in we will be ok.

      It feels like a Hamilton Ricard signing but if they are being bought spefically for this role we should be ok!


    • I have to agree with you CJ and with a £69m deficit, it seems no additions to the squad will be made. All Boro seem to be trying to do is swap Mido for anyone, Marlon King being the latest after Villa declined a similar swap for Harewood. Recent interviews with GS show him to be a bit of a 'rabbit in the headlights' and you have to feel a bit sorry for the guy, but thats what he gets paid for. Spurs seem determined to buy themselves out of trouble and so I have to say I think Downing should be on his way for £15m. At least we'd have some cash to buy a goal-scorer but who??? King and Harewood are surely not the answer?

    • Certainly looks like it,...I really wish it were otherwise, but even the championship sides are playing above our level at present and Wolves will confirm that on Saturday.

    • When you hear Southgate talk and observe his body language I think he's almost pleading for help.
      As I've said before, Steve Gibson can't be faulted apart from his over loyalty. Bryan Robson etc and now this.

    • Didn't expect to have those replying agreeing with me which worries me all the more. The fans see the real issues I just hope the higher management at the club see the potential troubles ahead.

      Another negative thought that came to me was should Boro slide into the Championship would they get the market value of their so called star players? I'm not up on who has signed what and for how long but looking in the past at other relegated clubs their best sharpish left once they went down and for greatly reduced prices, should this be the case with Boro then given their financial plight (didn't I read in the Gazette something to do with £69M in the red) there could be real chance of them not being able to financially survive if they don't bounce back straight away.

      Allardyce said yesterday that the Premiership is worth £40M to stay in it, Mr Gibson has to see the big picture now. His strength is fast becoming his weakness........his loyalty to his manager!!!! I got nothing against Gareth Southgate as a person/player, he was an example of how the professional footballer should be, but as a manager for me he is akin to Souness, Keegan, Dalglish, Barnes, Ince....simply not good enough. Please for the clubs sake do not wait another few weeks before you act Mr Gibson, if Boro get a mauling at the hands of Chelsea again (and the chances of that are very very high) then I fear the season is over even with the amount of games left to go.

    • Couldn't agree more, I always thought that the job was too big for Southgates first managerial position and had REAL concerns about this season prior to the start.
      I feel that if Boro go down, then there is a massive chance that they will not get promoted in the forseeable future.
      I know Gibson is renowned for his loyalty to managers, but the time has now come to act.
      Sod the FA Cup, I couldn't care less, and concentrate on staying up!