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  • Deano Deano Jan 25, 2009 16:35 Flag


    , I Signing Bullard would of being a great move, but would you come to a team in the bottom 3, a team so short of confidence and struggling to score goals and keep clean sheets.....I'm fairly sure hardly anyone would. OK they have offloaded Mido (very very poor signing, but this was forecast by Spurs supporters when he 1st came) and taken King on loan but this isn't the step forward Boro needed so badly to take.

    Lol, ain't it typical that they went out and beat Wolves yesterday and another Cup run continues amist a desperate Prem campaign and you can bet Southgate will come out and say a Cup run is good for the team good for confidence etc etc, just like McClaren used to do. For me you can sack the Cup run now, I would not give a ass if they made it to the final not when theres a chance of relegation (seen that film before and it wasn't pretty viewing). Nothing else but Premier survival is good enough or matters more.

    For me the Blackburn game is the key to the whole season and nothing other than a win will show me they have the fight, bottle, desire, ability to survive.

    The only thing yesterday did was help keep Southgate in a job 2 weeks longer, a loss yesterday and a probable loss at Chelsea and I think that might of been the end of him, now he's got the Chelsea and Blackburn game to keep his position, 2 losses there and that surely has to be the end of him. If it isn't then Mr Gibson has lost the plot and Boro are as good as down.

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    • Just to put a different spin on the Bullard option.

      He has a 4 year contract roughly and cost 5m and is on roughly 50k a week

      Thats a 15m plus expense for a 31 year old who has regular injuries.

      15m for a 31 year old??? Seems expensive to me for a player that has great games but can often go missing as his last manager claimed.

      Lets not be so upset at him not beig an option, for 15m he is not a good buy but one that will serve Hull well if he stays fit, help with the undoubted relegation battle next season. We can get better.

      Great to see a win for a change on the weekend and 2 goals. Great finish by Alves, looks like the kettle is finally starting to boil. Lets hope the injuries arent too bad. Bring on Chelski!