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  • kht20 kht20 Jan 30, 2009 17:19 Flag

    Championship Here We Come

    Having read your to posts borojolly I have come to the conclusion you must be on strong medication, if not you should be .... you are delusional. I agree 'Joe Public', or should that be 'Joe Smoggie', pays to see a good performance but as for filling Steve Gibson's pockets, you have to be joking. Boro as a company runs at a loss and were it not for Gibson's financial support from his own hard earned personal fortune Boro would be launguishing in the lower divisions now. Secondly as to whether Boro are good enough for the Championship, who knows? If they were relegated there would be a mass clearout of the more valuable players and a new team of grafters formed to get them back into the Premiership and it certainly wouldn't be pretty to watch. I say it again, and I'll continue to say it, Southgate needs an experienced old campaigner to support him through to the end of the season. This investment of probably £500k would be money well spent by Gibson as there's not many players of quality available for that sort of spend who could turn things around.