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    So far...today..watching the yahoo trasfer updates I am embarrassed yet not suprised to see the mention of Boros name..not once....we are turning into the laughing stock of the premiership...thanks to GS etc....please do the hourable thing...ya a nice guy etc...but need time in the lower leagues and i dont mean with my team but you are taking my beloved club that way..either go or get some back room experienced help..PLEASE...PRETTY PLEASE..regards gutted

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    • I think this is part of Gibsons cost cutting, he took a big gamble appointing GS as manager and I really believe he thinks we can scrape through this year again...at the end of the day, you have to admire his nerve....he must have #$%$ the size of watermellons.

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      • I still ask, if GS was to leave who would take his place .... Peter Reid (may be he is desperate to get back to EPL) Curbishley ...no thank you ...then I'm struggling. Same really for players, who is going to come to Boro at the moment unless its for silly money. I can't remember which well known manager said it but he said when signing a new player make sure its a step up for him cos he will be hungry and not a step down cos he'll think he's doing you a favour