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  • expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Feb 4, 2009 17:26 Flag

    Why Why Why no Signings

    I am baffled..the sky bundits are baffled and it appears that the majority of the footballing world is baffled as to why we did not sign anyone during the transfer windown. i can not believe after 11 years in the premiership and so few recent high value signings vs sales we are in so much debit...where do we go from here..?..the championship I think but hope not...!

    Come on Boro..!

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    • Expat, I've always been an admirer of Steve Gibson but I'm gunna come out and say it now.
      He's lost faith in Southgate, doesn't feel he can trust his judgement with money, and is struggling to choose the right moment for the parting of the ways.
      Bryan Robson ring any bells?