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  • Owen Owen Feb 8, 2009 03:02 Flag

    When's Gareth going to do the decent thing?

    Surely he's going to walk the plank ... instead of Steve Gibson being called nasty and pushing him overboard.

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    • He won't do the decent thing OP. Southgate is only doing what all failing managers do. Hang on till the bitter end.
      That's were your chairman needs to be strong, Southgate will be relieved when it happens.

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      • Agreed with Alan on this one...who would we replace him with..?

        Southgate is not purely to blame for the current predicament. Watching yesterdays game all be it from the comfort of my air conditioned arm chair it was obvious to see that his signings and lack of tactics are what is letting him down. The 12mm striker who likes to spend more time on his arse, had 4 glorious chances to score and failed (reminisence of the game vs WBA). The SG appointed captain who showed lots of fight but little quality and cost us a goal due to having a turning circle larger than a HGV. No plan B to shake things up when down was again obvious to see...However one thing is certain..Alves will be top scorer in the championship next season...! It is frustrating, disappointing, infuriating and annoying to see the potential of the young talented larger local side not fulfilled....Come on Boro...!