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  • expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Feb 8, 2009 17:16 Flag

    When's Gareth going to do the decent thing?

    Agreed with Alan on this one...who would we replace him with..?

    Southgate is not purely to blame for the current predicament. Watching yesterdays game all be it from the comfort of my air conditioned arm chair it was obvious to see that his signings and lack of tactics are what is letting him down. The 12mm striker who likes to spend more time on his arse, had 4 glorious chances to score and failed (reminisence of the game vs WBA). The SG appointed captain who showed lots of fight but little quality and cost us a goal due to having a turning circle larger than a HGV. No plan B to shake things up when down was again obvious to see...However one thing is certain..Alves will be top scorer in the championship next season...! It is frustrating, disappointing, infuriating and annoying to see the potential of the young talented larger local side not fulfilled....Come on Boro...!

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    • I fail to see how we can stay up when we have scored less goals than any team in all four divisions!!! If you can't put the ball in the back of the net you can't win.
      I'm sure everyone agrees he is one of the best but is Steve Gibson partially to blame for our current situation? Does he build on our run in europe and silverware win by getting a better manager than the previous one. No! he gets an untried and unproven quantity (when Martin O'Neill was available at the time!!!) also is he too loyal to loyal to a fault? should a chairman not try to stop his ship sinking? or is he going to let us go down again before any kind of action is taken.

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      • GS is an upright man of principle and possibly too honest for his own good, whereas his superiors are probably not telling the whole truth. The club is £85m in debt and most of that is probably owed to Steve Gibson. Has he been hit by the credit crunch and the country's econmomic downturn ... very possibly. Can he afford to keep Boro in the EPL, indeed can he afford for Boro to remain in the EPL. If Boro struggle on to the end of the season, string a few wins together and stay in the Premiership and all these are huge IFs what haopens then? Mass clear out of so called star players to reduce the wage bill and realise some money to reduce the debt. Boro would then presumably have yet another regation fight this time from match 1 in the 2009-10 season with inferior players. May be, and it is a may be, it is time for Steve Gibson to look for a buyer and bow out. No business is run day to day to day without a three or five year plan, my be (yes another may be) it's time for Messrs Gibson and Lamb to reveal what there medium and long term plans are and how they are going to be achieved.

    • Graham Souness??