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    upcoming games

    Trying to mainting a logical head on my shoulders here but looking at Boros remaining games here are my predictions....please read use your own thoughts on current form, other teams qualities and what they are battling for etc to make your own informed judgement and then comment further please,

    Wigan (H) Draw 1 point
    Liverpool (H) Loss 0 ponts
    Spurs (A) Loss 0 points
    Pompy (H) Win 3 points
    Stoke (A) Draw 1 point
    Bolton (A) Loss 0 points
    Hull (H) Draw 1 point
    Arsenal (A) Loss 0 points
    Man Utd (H) Loss 0 points
    Newcastle (A) Loss 0 points
    Villa (H) Loss 0 points
    West Ham (A) Loss 0 points

    I went off the list of fixtures as shown on the football webpage so not sure if there are any missing but from the list Boro are (again in my opinion) looking at 6 points from a possible 36 on offer giving them 28 points and 100% certain relagation. OK you could argue the likes of Spurs (A) Stoke (A) Bolton (A) Hull (H) Newcastle (A) West Ham (A) MIGHT JUST MIGHT be more profitable than I have seen them at but will that even be eough to save them?

    Please discuss I would be interested to read your thoughts.

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    • well so far 2 out of four wigan /spurs right ...liverpool /pompey wrong so thats not close lets ee how your other ideas go

      these are mine:
      stoke win ,,bolton loss,hull win/arsenal ..loss,man utd draw..,newcastle draw,villa draw,west ham loss..total points 9 points out of 24 should end up on 36 well see hope we stay in

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      • I think I'm not that far off Glynn tbh points wise anyway, I did predict a draw today but the team conspired aganist me and decided some appalling defending would put the cat amongst the pidgeons, so from my initial forecast of 5 points from 5 games they have ammased 5 points from 5 games, I wish I could feel good about getting that right but I can't especially as I have them getting just 1 point from the next 5 games and now the team is 4 points from safety....it's not looking clever is it?

        Bolton away next game, be hard pushed to get even a draw from that game, then Hull at home, might just might get a sneaky win and the only other game I can see maybe anything from is Newcastle at St.James' but given their own plight I can see them winning that game.

        Boro are in deep do-do, needing a min of 3 wins from 5 games to stand any chance at all of survival...would you put money on this happening Glynn?????

      • I think you guys need to win your next 4 games Stoke/Bolton/Hull/Fulham to stay up.Unrealistic ? Maybe, but you are not going to pick a point up from your last 5 #$%$/Man U/Toon/Villa/Hammers.
        I think its all over for you guys sadly,unless teams above you blow up spectacularly which I dont think will happen.What wont help is I see players in your team already eyeing their move in the summer.
        I hope you pull out of it as I think you lot are one of the more friendly clubs in the prem.lets hope the wheels fall off at Newcastle and its them that go.
        good luck

        An Evertonian

    • Well thats thrown your theory to the wind....we have been here before season after season and clung on for our lives...welcome to the roller coaster again....The thing is we wont be getting any more big players on huge salarys anymore..Southgate has opted for youth and they need time to develop...The biggest problem is we have a top striker whos not hitting the target (Hamilton RETARD mark2) but Alves has more class about him than hamilton ..Look at his stats: Hopefully he will regain his confidence and start producing the goods...Gibson is a Great chairman and is not rash,look at the decision to refuse to let Downing ,,ONeil and tuncay go and now they are helping the cause...CMON BORO

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      • As it stands at this min Glynn I'm not far off my initial prediction which is very very bad news for Boro I just cannot see them pulling this one out of the fire, totally inept upfront, even more inept at the back = recipe for relegation. Thanks GS I personally think you have single handedly destroyed this club with your tactics, rubbish buys and McClaren like view on the teams performances, still not to worry eh, a good payoff will be heading your way!!!!!!!

      • By the 11th of April the results the team have posted will tell us all if they are staying Premiership or going Championship...heres hoping for the former but the latter is still odds on!!!!!

      • Well I aint going to argue that I got that one wrong lol! Goes to show what a funny old game football can be, and to highlight that Blackburn go and shove 2 past Hull to drop Boro back into the bottom 3 which makes the Spurs and Portsmouth games just as important (if not more important).

        I'm not going to knock the win yesterday but now the team MUST push on and keep on winning because that is the only sure fire way to Prem survival, draws are not enough.

        I will stand by the list I put up because that is how I saw it at the time and I did say there was scope for possible extra points, yesterday showing this. Come back to me in 3 games time fella, by then it will show if I was doom and gloom or not too far off the money.