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  • Deano Deano Mar 1, 2009 22:53 Flag

    upcoming games

    Well I aint going to argue that I got that one wrong lol! Goes to show what a funny old game football can be, and to highlight that Blackburn go and shove 2 past Hull to drop Boro back into the bottom 3 which makes the Spurs and Portsmouth games just as important (if not more important).

    I'm not going to knock the win yesterday but now the team MUST push on and keep on winning because that is the only sure fire way to Prem survival, draws are not enough.

    I will stand by the list I put up because that is how I saw it at the time and I did say there was scope for possible extra points, yesterday showing this. Come back to me in 3 games time fella, by then it will show if I was doom and gloom or not too far off the money.