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  • Glynn Glynn Mar 22, 2009 19:26 Flag

    upcoming games

    Well Dean you make me laugh ,now youve switched to points predicted now ...youve got 2/5 predictions whch is dire...If it dont go to plan next week you can always predict how many men start on the pitch at the start of the game ..lol..even u might get that one right....As for the situation on three wins out of five not a prayer...I really dont blame GS at all ,the team is playing well just not scoring...It all boils down a twelve million buy thats not scoring ,and if you look at his stats b4 coming to Boro he looked a good buy.The other was perhaps not replacing want away Swarzer..Again u can only play with what u got ..Any sensible man would of bought Alves,..ONeil been a good buy..allidiere so i cant understand what the gripes with GS are...the fact is a proven goal scorer is not scoring ..thats it

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    • Now Glynn, I might be a little off on the total accuracy of my game predictions but you got to admit my tally points wise was pretty good. As for not blaming GS I'm not with you on that. Who was it that spent the £12m on him in the 1st place and a player don't become ineffective infront of goal overnight, there is something more serious going on + at the end of the day the buck stops with the manager, just ask Paul Ince, Martin Jol Juande Ramos, in my book GS has led the team to the point where they are at right now and no-one else is to blame fully. Yes the players as a whole unit have to take partial blame for not performing, but they are sent out to play GS's way of playing and they are where they are because of that fact. GS should count himself the luckiest manager in the country to have SG backing him because no other club would have kept him on this long with the record he has produced, they are the lowest goalscorers in the entire country, how embarrassing is that? And it was GS choice not to replace those he let go. Mido, Tuncay, Alves, Alliadiere, King, bloody hell how many strikers does 1 team need before they can find the way to goal, and whats happened to the defence then? £8m on Huth, I tell you what Glynn, many a team would of loved to have Boro's spending power and many teams that haven't are still in a better position than they are so why is this? 1 reason I can think of....GS and his lack of ability to man manage, motivate, encourage and instil belief in his charges. Boro are 95% going down, god help them if that man stays in charge next season cause they won't be coming back up in a rush.