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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Feb 23, 2009 18:16 Flag

    Let us pray......

    Well it was worth a try....pardon the pun.

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    • Things are looking a little bleak CJ. Watching it on Saturday was bad enough.... no one supporting Alves who is completely ineffective on his own and certainly no target man. Downing was working his socks off but is trying to do too much. The back four are solid enough and even Pogatetz tries to move up field out of frustration but once up there he hasn't a clue. Tuncay is like a headless chicken, Arca doesn't seem bothered, O'Neil tries quite hard but has no one to play off him and is waiting to move at the end of the season come what may, even AJ is looking jaded. It was a big blow to lose Digard nothing happens when he isn't playing. Good to see Alliadiere back but he clearly wasn't fit. Walker though promising just hasn't got the experience to take part in this sort of scrap, the others can't look out for him.
      Even worse was GS's match summary on Radio Tees, he just hasn't got anything to say.... he needs help and NOW! He has no ideas left, no motivation in his voice ....nothing!!