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  • kht20 kht20 Mar 5, 2009 18:22 Flag

    boro beaten again

    At this stage I doubt firing Southgate would make any difference, Mr Gibson has to appoint someone else in his place and I'm not sure anyone suitable is available. Last night the defence was sloppy, Huth was not on his game and he is crucial. It was the same team which beat Liverpool, so what went wrong? Certainly Spurs have more depth in their squad, but that is no excuse as Boro's main players were available. In another post I genuinely though a draw was on the cards with the possibility of a sneaky win. Guess thats why I am tapping away on my keyboard and not sitting in the sun enjoying my pools win.

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    • People keep saying huth but if you look at the build up to the goals Pogatez is the main problem.....Southgate is percerviering with him cos he is hte captain but the guy is not a good left back he is useless coming forward and he does not strike me as a motivational commanding captain.

      I do think a spell playing a 5 3 2 may be in order. hoyte looks good coming forward down the right and downing down the left...this will certainly make the back more solid and allow oneil + another to support the front 2 more.. with bates of someone sitting in front of the back 3...

      wednesdays performance was not all that bad, we were unlucky as the game could have been different had Tucanys goal stood. Tot did not fill me with confidence at the back.

      come on boro....please stay up..?!