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  • expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Mar 12, 2009 15:30 Flag


    All season i have heard people giving different rythmn and reason as to why we ahve failed this season hre is why thoughts;
    1. Poggy as captain..(great fighting spirit, but not a strong captain or referee ear basher)
    2. Inexperienced backroom staff(what a difference a different coach has made with steve harrison coming back, cooper back to reserves please, good bye crosby)
    3. Simply one word..alves..what a disaster he as been for mfc..expensive, over rated, no touch, very little skill..hed do well in thornaby sunday league though..!)
    4. The gaffer..southgate..this is now southgates side, all his players and tactics(or lack of them) on display each week..and what a dreadful season it has been..passionless performances, leaking goals like a sieve, not deciding who is no 1...cos we dont have one both are second rate...no good forwards bought..paid 11.5mm was it for alves...and he looks as though he comes from the same book as that south korean guy we had for a season...

    changes...no sorry..big changes are required and like soon to get back u next season