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  • expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Mar 15, 2009 20:05 Flag

    Portsmouth Game...

    Yesterdays game has just summed up Boros season of bad luck and bad play and poor decisions or late decisions from managment.
    1. The portsmouth goal was off side..how anyone can say that Nuggent was not interfering with play when Couch took his shot I will never know. However saying that we constantly invite our back 5 to be underpressure by not holding the ball further up the field....
    2. Bates sending off...this was just stupid and naive from an immature squad which has not played to a EPL standard all season
    3. Alves Miss at the end..my god it was harder for him to missthan for him to score...he has constantly done this all season and hence we are in the position we are...should we call him Macarone 2..another fing failure in the boro foward line
    4. GS saying fans being disrespectful....please give us something to respect your football team for and we will..one good result in the season does not do that..!!