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  • Simply...I'm just embarrassed..!!

    No ideas, Sunday league pub football..

    South gate buys.........
    Alves 1/10
    O Neil 2/10
    Emnes..who are ya..!? 4mm to sit on the bench..?!

    Taylor is out of his depth

    Tunjay is too good for a championship side.
    Downing has lost interest...

    Hey Gibbo ever heard of teh saying pay peanuts get monkeys.......?!

    Back to the old 2nd Division now and dont't hold your breath about coming back up..

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    • I agree wholeheartedly, we have looked like a championship side for months now and I have already accepted the fact we WILL go down. Although we still have enough time & games to turn things around there is no excuse for the way we are playing at the moment.... yes, the word losers is an accurate description.