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  • Steve Gibson has performed miracles for Boro over the 22 years he has been involved by and large investing his own money. There is no Board of hangers-on, no foreign owners looking for glory or a quick buck, just a young businessman who has put his money where the supporters mouth is. He will during the course of his working day make more mistakes than most of the supporters because he makes more decisions and I will back his judgement against most other, certainly one who can't even be bothered to post a comment without spelling mistakes, wrongly used words and elementary grammatical errors.

    If Boro do go down, and it it not certain they will as yet, Mr Gibson (yes Mr; lets give the man a little respect) will not turn his back on the club and walk away. He will take stock, re-group and prepare for a challenge in the Championship to take Boro back into the Premiership at the first attempt. Why? Because he is a fan first and foremost and red & white blood flows through his veins.

    We are never going to be a super club to take on Man U, Liverpool, or Chelsea for the Premier Championship, we have too small a supporter base for that, but as has been proved we can enjoy our time in the sun occasionally with cup runs (and a win now and then) and a good run in Europe. We can make it difficult for the superclubs to win at the Riverside, until this year no manager has relished his clubs visit to Boro. Like most I have been disappointed with Gareth Southgate's progress and yes Mr Gibson gambled and it appears has lost. But, as I said, whetehr Boro are relegated or not, Mr Gibson will take stock over the summer, in fact I'd be surprised if he hasn't already started and there WILL be changes!

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