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  • There was a time when both clubs seemed to be going in the right direction, the big money coming into the game has changed a lot of things. Middlesbrough as a club have struggled to keep up with the likes of other big spending premiership sides and I believe Gibsons cost cutting, although based on necessity & in the best interests of the club, such as appointing Southgate as manager, the lack of experienced backroom staff and buying younger players such as Digard & Emnes has blown up in his face.
    Unfortunately we wasted money on Alves-our strikers couldnt hit a cows @rse with a banjo & we desperately miss quality midfield players who can keep the ball....FFS, against Arsenal the number of passes and crosses that went to nobody was ridiculous.
    The only shining light has been the number of other clubs all struggling otherwise we would be relegated already this season.
    A bad year indeed for the North-East.

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    • For me last night 0-0 results proved that newcastle haven't got a hope - So the bottom 3 as it stands to go down.

      Years ago when Newcatsle lost the 12 point lead and MU confirmed champions the with a win somewhere - the same day Newcastle beat Spurs 7-1 but the result made no differnce.
      The indigenous population up here were and little bit upset and wrecked the town -- I think they're more than a bit upset now.. and I hope they show some sense..

      Thank you Mr Ashley

    • It is indeed a sad state of affairs, which, but for West Brom, managed by a son of the North East, would probably see the three North East Clubs going down. I think you are spot on CJ it was all about cost cutting whereas at Newcastle it was all about profit seeking. I think the future is bleak with perhaps half a dozen or so clubs with a large fan base AND a consortium behind the team to spend ad nauseum taking the top six to eight places. Then there'll be the rest yo-yo-ing between the championship and the premier league unable to really consolidate without the big money to compete effectively. I suppose Newcastle should be one of the big clubs, but it needs to get rid of its small minded owner to be able to do so. as for Boro it takes more than a benign benefactor of an owner to enable them to compete for players. They really can only succeed as a selling club, bringing on players like Downing from the academy or buying cheap like Digard and Emnes (and even Tuncay on a free) and selling on. I guess that goes for managers too?
      Perhaps the future will see a European Super League with 20 or so of the top clubs/franchises from Europe playing week after week, supported by tv money, leaving leagues in the various countries competing in a set up similar to fifteen or twenty years ago. Thinking about it for real football fans, it doesn't sound a bad idea