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  • if gibson kept his other employers on who have messed up like southgate then he wouldgo bankrupt,if you cannot perform in the job you have been employed to do then you need getting rid of,if is other employees cant do job ie drivers fitters or secraterys then tey get replaced. simple buisness survival.why oh why has he let this infadel go so long without reprimand?is the mighty gibbo letting his buissness slip i think so.time for a new manager deffo, time for a new chairman? maybe

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    • Its ironic that at a club wher you have an owner who put up the money, supports the manager though thick and thin and then the club slides down the to premiership. At NUFC the owner is not a man of scruples, has obviously been involved in activities behind the manager's (KK) back and runs for cover when it comes to standing up and defending people.

      2 opposite ends of the scale at MB and NU with ultimately the same result (relegation)

      I heard that Gibo did not like McLaren and also that club captain Southgate wasn't one of his greatest allies - so perhaps it was 2 people (Gibo & Gareth)who disliked someone getting to work together.

      My view is that Southgate is like John Gregorys, Phil Browns, Sam Allardyces == Always posing for the cameras, jumping up and down on the sidelines and spouting off about technical things but when it comes to the nuts and bolts they don't really have a clue.

      At Newcastle the only good that will come of it will that they will have fat Ashleys head on a platter when things are confirmed and that the club has to be built up from scratch. In the Championship they'll still get 40,000(I'm certain Shearer will stay)

      Whatever the judgement about chairmen/owners - the NE clubs don't seem to get it right

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      • There was a time when both clubs seemed to be going in the right direction, the big money coming into the game has changed a lot of things. Middlesbrough as a club have struggled to keep up with the likes of other big spending premiership sides and I believe Gibsons cost cutting, although based on necessity & in the best interests of the club, such as appointing Southgate as manager, the lack of experienced backroom staff and buying younger players such as Digard & Emnes has blown up in his face.
        Unfortunately we wasted money on Alves-our strikers couldnt hit a cows @rse with a banjo & we desperately miss quality midfield players who can keep the ball....FFS, against Arsenal the number of passes and crosses that went to nobody was ridiculous.
        The only shining light has been the number of other clubs all struggling otherwise we would be relegated already this season.
        A bad year indeed for the North-East.

    • I don't know, I didn't interview him, but I'm willing to put my mortgage on the fact that Steve Gibson did not appoint Southgate purely on guesswork or a hunch. He, like a lot of other people closer to the game than you and I as mere supporters, have judged Southgate to be a probable top manager for the future, and they are relying on what they have seen of him over tha past two, nearly three, seasons. Steve Gibson had to rely on what he had seen of Southgate as player and captain and make his judgement on that. If I have one criticism of Gibson, he should have insisted that Southgate's no. 2 should have been an experienced campaigner, someone who had been an assistant manager or even a manager.

    • The root cause of the issue is not the level of funding or now the perceived lack of it, but what was done with it. so much wasted on so many poor buys Maccarone, Mido, Boksic, Ricketts, Christie, Euell, Dong Gook, Karembeu, Branco, Alves, Theres around 30m plus for a start, i could go on and on.

      IN my opinion the problem has been the managerial appointments, why oh why do we keep signing people who have never managed before!!!!!!!!!!
      the last three had never had and the net progress over the last 15 yrs......... NIL!,
      Money Spent........ Horrendous amounts!

      'If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got'

      Not rocket Science, which is just as well as we'd have ended up on the wrong planet, some are there already.

    • Steve Gibson has performed miracles for Boro over the 22 years he has been involved by and large investing his own money. There is no Board of hangers-on, no foreign owners looking for glory or a quick buck, just a young businessman who has put his money where the supporters mouth is. He will during the course of his working day make more mistakes than most of the supporters because he makes more decisions and I will back his judgement against most other, certainly one who can't even be bothered to post a comment without spelling mistakes, wrongly used words and elementary grammatical errors.

      If Boro do go down, and it it not certain they will as yet, Mr Gibson (yes Mr; lets give the man a little respect) will not turn his back on the club and walk away. He will take stock, re-group and prepare for a challenge in the Championship to take Boro back into the Premiership at the first attempt. Why? Because he is a fan first and foremost and red & white blood flows through his veins.

      We are never going to be a super club to take on Man U, Liverpool, or Chelsea for the Premier Championship, we have too small a supporter base for that, but as has been proved we can enjoy our time in the sun occasionally with cup runs (and a win now and then) and a good run in Europe. We can make it difficult for the superclubs to win at the Riverside, until this year no manager has relished his clubs visit to Boro. Like most I have been disappointed with Gareth Southgate's progress and yes Mr Gibson gambled and it appears has lost. But, as I said, whetehr Boro are relegated or not, Mr Gibson will take stock over the summer, in fact I'd be surprised if he hasn't already started and there WILL be changes!