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  • kht20 kht20 Apr 29, 2009 18:24 Flag

    Who would fans have as next Manager

    As Borobob says, there isn't a vacancy and I too doubt if there will be. Borojolly is so so wrong, Southgate is anything BUT a monkey. He is a decent man which in the world of football is rare and he deserves the plaudits he gets from all and sundry regarding his dignity.
    Borobob is right too about Keith Lamb, I wonder just how much he 'interferes' with the playing side, unfortunately he's a bean counter and Gibson trusts him.
    But to inulge the original post..... if there was a vacancy, I would suggest Nigel Pearson.

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    • Nowt to dee wi me am not a Boro fan,but Tony Mowbray looks made to measure.A Boro lad,likes his team to play a decent passing game,affordable and got West Brom promoted.Furthermore he`d fit in coz he`s an ugly get ,infact the boy Wheater could be his lovechild.

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      • Why does it take a Newcastle fan to speak the most sense on the Boro message board? If Southgate remains in charge then that for me will be the single biggest joke of the season an thats true if they stay up or go down. The man does not have the quality as a manager to move this team forward be it PL or Championship. Forget foreign managers, not 1 of them would ever come to Boro a side renowend for struggling and club known to be financially strapped. I would of personally liked to see Alan Curbishley but Tony Mowbray would be a very close 2nd choice and for me would galvanise the team and the fans. Nice call fella!!!

      • I agree southgate should be given a chance in championship to turn these youngsters into a team...if he was sacked theres a certain german mananger Klinsmann) recently come available but there isnt a cat in hells chance of luring hm