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  • Haggis Heed Haggis Heed May 12, 2009 15:55 Flag

    Toon 3 Smogs 1

    I kind of gathered you lot wouldn't have much to say after Boro got a good old spanking at SJP.

    :o) Nice knowing you lot! Hahaha "bye"

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    • Typical geordies - they win one game and they act like they are safe - every single boro fan i have ever spoke to are resigned to thier fate - unless we pull a miracle out of our backside

      One loss and you are pulled right back into the mire, the match in midweek was not a good spanking at all - both teams gave a good account of themselves on the pitch - YOU HAVE TO AT LEAST GIVE ME CREDIT FOR THAT

      Two goals shouldnt have been allowed - nolan fouling Bates to gain the advantage for taylors goal - and you had a player miles offside for martins goal (you could have parked a bus in the gap)

      The ref was a joke as well - i lost count of how many fouls you got for diving - ronaldo would have been proud of your players

      We may have lost and we MAY get relegated - but at least we dont think we are a top 4 side - remember your team are in the same position as us - u can go down as well

      I bet the crowd would have had a different reaction if we had got a second goal that night to make it 2 nil - you would have turned on your team - of that i have no doubt

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      • Funnily enough KH, this season we have hardly had any Geordie's on the Boro board, except a few such as Davey & Musclebox, who's comments and good natured banter is always welcome. Still it doesn't surprise me when they beat us and the usual maggot crawls over to gloat...pity he doesn't have the cojones to use his usual ID, but then again he has always been challenged in the testicular department. Fair play to Shearer, the guy was a legend on the pitch for club & country and I hope one win under his belt now gives him a platform to keep NUFC up and go on to better things next season. The last relegation place is between them & Hull...and I reckon Its pretty even who goes down...but my money is on Hull.

    • Can't hide from the fact that overall I think Newcastle deserved the win, at the end of the day it's all about how many you score and how few you conceed and as has been Boros problem all season they conceed more than they score. 3-1 did flatter Newcastle a little, Boro did look good on the counter but totally toothless in the final 3rd and no question really that Nolan was offside and interferring with play for Martins goal but you play to the whistle no matter what and Boro didn't do that.

      Overall this season has been disaster after disaster and if it hadn't been for the LFC result Boro would have been relegated by now. I'm not a Boro fan btw, but I live in the area so to see them teetering on the edge is very very sad, especially on the back of whats happening in the local industrial sector. I can't see anyway back for them should the inevitable happen. Too many of their better players will leave rather than play Championship football and for no where near the money they maybe should go for. The crowds will be down next season, simple economic factors tell you that. The Evening Gazette frontpage headline last Friday was 'A Black Day For Teesside' they could very easily transfer that headline to the backpage for todays edition.

      Congratulations to the Toon on their win, they showed great desire and determination to come back from the early goal. While not safe by any means yet, you have to think 1 more win or 2 draws will be enough given the difficulty of Boro's and Hull's remaining 2 fixtures. I predicted back in March that the bottom 3 would indeed be West Brom, Boro and Hull and I take no comfort out of the fact my prediction is looking like it's coming true.

      A sad sad day for the town. I'm sure recriminations and finger pointing will follow with blame apportioned here there and everywhere, simple facts are Boro have not been good enough this season and deserve to be where they are.

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      • I agree whole heartedly D Newcastle just about deserved to win, but beforeToon fans start crowing lets just remember that it was a very poor Middlebrough side they were playing not Man Utd. What short memories these Toon fans have screaming for Ashley and his Cockney cronies to be 'shot at dawn' as traitors. This after Fat Freddie having milked the supporters for all they were worth, insulted and mocked them to boot. When pleaded with to come and save them, Shearer stood aloof and only agreed after he was on a hiding to nothing or should that be a hiding to £1m, the fee he gets for eight matches whether they go down or not.
        Steve Gibson continues to be a great Chairman as he has been for twenty years, investing his own money, and with a much smaller fan base and stadium bringing silverware, European football and some great players to unfashionable Middlesbrough. Oh how the Toon fans must sevretly wish they had a man like Gibson at the helm. Toon fans can mock the Smoggies and decry the lower numbers in terms of supporters, but actually they should be ashamed of the mess their club is in, the standard of player they have despite £100k a week wages, and the conduct of players such as Barton, Bellamy, Bowyer and a number of others.
        It is to be hoped if Newcastle Utd survive and that is by no means certain they can go on to achieve in the Premier League. That too is not only by no means certain it is highly improbable given their past record going back decades.
        As for the hard core of Boro fans, if we do fall into the Championship, we'll regroup, lick our wounds and continue to support our local team, with its core of homespun players. We ARE a small club and over the years we have punched well above our weight. Contrast that with Newcastle Utd, an old flabby fighter who tries to rely on past glories and frequently gets a battering from the present day high flyers and has no way of being a serious contender.

      • Well said D, no surprises last night at all.....we are simply not good enough to stay up this season.
        Well done to NUFC, they played with determination, although they were lucky they were playing a shower like us otherwise they would have been stuffed as usual.