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  • Haggis Heed Haggis Heed May 12, 2009 19:15 Flag

    Toon 3 Smogs 1

    What a typical smoggy you are kht20, you can't take the defeat on the chin without resorting to personal insults about NUFC and the current Shearer contract, the club's former players, current owner, past owner etc etc etc

    Address your own clubs problems before you start laying into NUFC, why not bring up the trobles with Boro's £90 million debt for starters? That's the trouble with you lot down the A19, you always seem to be more interested and concerned as to what goes on at St James Park rather than at the Riverside.

    As you said "before Toon fans start crowing lets just remember that it was a very poor Middlebrough side they were playing not Man Utd" Yes kht20 and don't you forget it was an equally as poor NUFC side that beat Boro 3-1 last night.

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    • If you read my post properly Jigsaw, you will see I am taking last nights defeat on the chin, I am also adjusting bit by bit to seeing my team probably playing in the Championship. My comments about Shearers contract, the past and current owner and past players were not meant as insults they were statements of fact however unpalatable that might be for you. Boro have been a poor team this season for a number of reasons largely to do with players bought and management decisions on tactics etc. Boro's Chairman and Manager have conducted themselves with complete dignity throughout. Newcastle have also had a poor season on the field, but off the field they have been the very model on how NOT to run a football club.

      Seeing as you spend more time on the Boro message board, perhaps you will read my other posts and see I have on more than one occasion throughout the season addressed the problems of Boro, hopefully constructively. I would say that unless Boro are playing Newcastle United, I am not in the slightest interested in the goings on at SJP, I certainly don't visit the Newcastle message board to post comments or offer an opinion. It is rather difficult to ignore however when the cockney-phobic attitude of the fans is featured on both local news channels and in the newspapers.

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      • I'm sorry Jigsaw you find it impossible to see passed your own prejudices to read what I have actually written. In case you think I was using foul language, Yahoo prohibit me from using the term for someone born within the sound of Bow Bells in London, i.e. #$%$ ney-phobic. The fact that other Boro fans spend time on Newcastle Utd's board means nothing to me, I don't! I criticise my own team, I feel I have the right as a season ticket holder who travels 140 mile return journey for each home match. The North East deserve three good teams acquitting themselves with honours each week, its what the 120,000+ fans who support them deserve. But because of a smaller population and fan base Boro will always be the smaller of the three clubs hopefully who will continue to punch above their weight.

      • I read your post properly but there you go again kht20, ranting on and on about NUFC rather than paying & giving attention to the goings on at your own club.

        It was Boro who lost the match last night and look likely to be relegated, not Newcastle United and their "cockney-phobic" fans (your own words) you seem to want to have a dig at.

        I see you're whinging about me posting here, we've had more than enough smoggies on our board posting rubbish in the past, funnily enough it's only been this season that your lot have been very quiet and not been over!

        I wonder why?

        Especially since Boro were hammered 3-1 at St James Park last night!

    • All teams and clubs have issues within their set ups that can lead to turmoil or instability off the pitch which then filters through and creates issues on the pitch and I'm not one to throw stones at other clubs for these issues. For me what happens off field should stay there and the players and managers are the ones who should take the blame (for want of a better word) for what happens on the field.

      Yes it's very fair to say Newcastle have had their share of issues in the past but no more really than Boro, Liverpool (at the min) Man Utd (with the Glazers) Chelsea...the list is long and illustrious. For me personally, if I was going to lay any blame for Boro's plight, I look at Southgate and the team he has built around the style of play he wanted. Record signings who have not justified the amount of money spent on them, want away stars who possibly played within themselves for what ever reason too many youngsters in the first team (not saying that is a bad thing but you need experience and quality to survive at this level) again the list can be exhaustive.

      One thing no outsider can do though is knock Steve Gibson. The man is a true fan and that is a fact. Whether he was right to appoint and then keep Southgate as the manager is debatable but his loyalty to his decision has to be commended right or wrong.

      The rivalry amongst the North East teams and fans has always been a very much hate hate relationship and each to their own I suppose. I never wanted or wished to see any of the North East 3 go down because the knock on effects for the region could be harmful and like it or not we are all disliked by those teams and other agencies (press) South of us so sometimes you know it is better to stick together be you Black n White, Red or Red n White. I respect Newcastle and their fans, the fans especially because to get gates of 50,000 week in week out is bloody tremendous and I like Shearer, the man was an excellent professional footballer and a great servant to the English game. I like Sunderland and their fans because again you cannot knock the loyalty and ambition Niall Quinn has shown the Sunderland faithful. But also Boro (ie Steve Gibson) and fans should be given credit for their support of the team even through this difficult season. 30,000 for the last 2 home games is a terrific turnout for a struggling team and I truely hope the comments about regrouping are right and 30,000 will turn out next season be it Championship or Premiership football on offer.

      There will be gloating and gladness at last nights result from the Newcastle fans that is part and parcel of the game as is the sadness and worry the result brings Boro. Lets just as a region hope and pray that somehow results conspire to make the final 3 West Brom, Hull and Portsmouth with all 3 North East teams surviving to play each other next season. The North East derby games are something that galvanise the respective areas, create an interest in the sport we all love and help take us away from the other troubles, allbeit briefly, that are blighting us at the minute.

    • I wonder who has the biggest debt out of the bottom half a dozen sides, or is it the fact that Boro just make theirs public.....

      Fact...all premiership clubs have debt...and I bet NUFCs is quite sizeable with the vast wage bill it has....a bit of advice say good bye to Owen..too much of a liability

      Due to premadona under performing players..my god no one is worth 150k per week...to kick a fooking fusbol around....

      Going back to original message.....M'bro have been very poor this year and deserve to go down...all starting from poor choices from top to bottom I am afraid....poor transfers, poor tactics, poor referring decisions....we have to face it and I resigned myself to the fact that we were going down in Feb.....

      Lets see what happens next year in the championship...