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  • Alves out for rest of season...has he been in ???

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    • I believe this 'goal machine' (who the fook printed that banner..?!' has been one of hte main factors of our demise this year

      Sunday league quality play this year...nothing better....but I think he'll get a bag full next year as that is his level...

      great we could be playing Millwall next year...?!?

      quality fusbol...

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      • I take it Expat that your assuming Alves will still be here next year plying his trade and therefore collecting his inflated wage packet!!!! Can't see it myself. OK the parachute payments will soften the blow of relegation during the first year financially so possibly the big earners might stay but can you honestly see Tuncay, Downing, Johnson, Huth, Wheater, Bates to name but a few staicking around to play Champioship level football.

        I'm not laying the blame for this season on 1 player as such, yes he's been a totally unjustified aquisition given the amount spent on him, but performances right across the team have been woeful, I just think Southgate doesn't inspire or get the best from them and they don't have the desire, confidence and ability to play as he instructs them to do. Wholesale changes have to be made no matter what happens in the last 2 games, I don't care if they win both and stay up (obviously I do care) but that won't hide or change what has to be undertaken to ensure this season never happens again. Houdini himself would struggle to get out of this bag Boro are in.

        For me get Mowbray in as Boss, no other will do (and I did say Curbishley a while ago) and work from there, PL or Championship, makes no odds clear out the dead wood, the overpaid and underperforming, the want aways and lets build with who wants to be here, who is good enough and who can we bring in that will add the quality and gile Boro need because if they don't bounce back staright away I don't think they ever will!!!!!

    • Of course he's been in Glynn....he's got 4 goals in the PL this season that works out at £3m per goal...not a bad return on Southgates investement in him!!!!! He's turned out to be another quality Boro buy, another Maccaroni if you like, got to ask why do Boro pay very very good money out for absolute chumps, who researches and sources these players in the first place? I know they say you don't become a bad player overnight....Alves has not been anything other than a bad player from the start. He has played his last game this season in the defeat to Newcastle.....I hope it is his last game full stop.

      And he can can take Shawkey on the plane with him when he flies out of DTVA another one Southgate praised when he arrived, another really poor addition to the squad, infact Boro could charter their own special 'get the f*** out of here' plane after this season ends (no matter where they end up), tell you what there wouldn't be many empty seats left on that flight!!!

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      • He is no worse than the rest of the forwards on relflection. sure he should have scored about 20 goals if he had made use of his chances, but I believe once his confidence was shot to pieces that was it. But look at the other players, Mido (turned up when he felt like it), Tuncay (like a wasp at everyones picnic without stinging) Downing, Aliadiere, O'Neil all of whom should have contributed about 7 -10 goals each. Realistically we should have been looking at a goal tally approaching 60 goals, but just look how many Fulham have to date - 38, and they are seventh.
        As for Shawkey, we all know he was bought to keep Mido company and stop his wandering. Hmmm that worked then!