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  • gk:k.schmeichel(m.city),defenders:onouha(m.city),djourou(arsenal),ekotto(tottenham),possebon(m.united),midfielders:taarabt,ambrose,hammill, surman,ramsey(on loan),strikers:lita,n'gog(liverpool on loan),saviola(real madrid echange with alves or sanli or downing)

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    • Would like to point out that some of those you mentioned are currently attached to Premiership Clubs are you can bet your bottom quid there's no way they will want to drop down to the Championship. As for Saviola, can I have a pint of what you were drinking when his name popped into your head please fella!!!! Do you think any Spanish player will leave a club of Real's stature, history and more importantly their playing rights ie C/L etc to play for the Boro.....got more chance of signing Carlos Tevez!!!!!!! Basically you wouldn't get 1 single player you mentioned there at the Boro even if they were still in the P/L full stop!!!