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  • Alan H Alan H May 28, 2009 00:30 Flag

    Hope Gibson's Right.

    Steve Gibson must be seeing something in Southgate that I'm not. Nice enough guy, talks a good post-defeat story, but that's about it.
    Can't see the guy ever becoming a successful manager but would love to see him prove me wrong.

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    • Well Alan, Steve Gibson's not been right many times in the last couple of seasons.... and I'm afraid he's wrong again

    • I admire Steve Gibson, the man wears his colours right on his sleeve and is without doubt the most loyal Chairman ever at any football club, however, after reading his interview comments in the Gazette he is way off the mark if he thinks Boro can bounce back with Southgate at the helm and with the squad of players that will be left at the Riverside after the dust has settled from this years disaster.

      Downing, Tuncay, Huth, Alves, King, Bates, Aliadiere, possibly Wheater, Johnson and several others will leave in the summer despite their assurances they are loyal Boro subjects.

      Footballers are people with personal agendas. They want to play on the biggest stages, against the best players for the most money they can get...the last point being the single most important fact...so if and when the P/L teams come knocking on their doors offering them the chance to further their own personal agendas, you can bet your life savings they will go and not look back.

      You will not recognise Boro's team next campaign that's for sure, it will be made up of journey men, inexperienced kids, the not good enoughs and the over the hillers and the pension drawers. Teams like Newcastle (don't laugh they have the financial clout to make it back in 1 go), West Brom, Reading, QPR, Sheff Utd, Cardiff etc etc are not going to sit back and roll over, they are going to battle their balls off to be in that top 2 for automatic promotion, with the best of the rest making sure they get a playoff berth at worst. Boro will not be strong enough, physically or mentally for this fight and will struggle for mid table stability.

      Steve Gibson promised that Boro will not become a Norwich, Southampton, Forrest, Leeds, Barnsley, Wimbledon...take your pick theres plenty of ex P/L drop outs to choose from. Personally I think he's wrong and they will struggle, nay, fail to get back any time soon. Boro's 'glory' days of P/L mid table stability have gone, simple survival is now the key...lets hope we don't have to hold out collective breath's on this fact....we will be some seriously bad shade of Blue if we do!!!

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      • I`m not so sure that Newcastle aren`t in deeper shyte than the Boro.Allegedly 15 "players" sorry that should be overpaid tw@ts on our books are on £50k a week plus.Assuming they want to leave to further their careers, who the f*ck is gonna sign them,none of them are good enough to be offered that kind of money elsewhere except maybe Sebastion Bassong.Apart from that Newcastle didn`t allegedly have the sense to agree reduction clauses in the event of relegation with many of them. You can bet none of them would accept a voluntary wage cut,so unless my maths are badly wrong our wage bill could be higher than our turnover next year.The only blessing is that the little scrote Owen and the fat Aussie cripple are out of contract which will save us close to £10 million a year and I doubt if we`ll even notice they`re gone....................Happy days are here again ! Scunthorpe here we come !